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Chloe Reynolds


 Visual and Video Editor


I am a multimedia journalist dedicated to engaging the mobile news audience by meeting them where they are and ensuring truth and news are easily accessible. My niche in the news world is a blend of my journalistic interests and my worst phone habit: social media explainers. 

While analytics can appear superficial at times, I think the true measure of my work lies in its tangible impact. With over two million impressions on digital platforms, 70,000 individuals engaging with my content through likes, and sparking over 4,500 comments, the data demonstrates the reach of my efforts.

I'm recognized for my creative ideas and innovative perspective. When I'm not submerged in the abyss that is Adobe Creative Cloud, you will likely find me playing video games or in an art class. 


The Pulitzer Prize Board, Pulitzer Prize in Public Service, The New York Times (2021)

Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi public service awardThe New York Times (2021)

California College Media Awards, Third Place Best Editorial piece (2019)

California College Media Awards, Second Place Best Op-Ed (2018)

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