Chloe Reynolds


Student and Motion Graphics Editor

I am a multimedia journalist engaging the mobile news audience. To me, that means meeting them where they are and making truth and news as accessible as possible. My niche in the news world is a blend of my journalistic interests and my worst phone habits: explainers on TikTok. As a young media maker, I spend a lot of time studying the way my peers engage with online journalism and adjust my work accordingly.

I've got bylines in The New York Times, Oakland North, and City on a Hill Press. I am a news assistant for the New York Times, working with a data team to track COVID-19 in jails, prisons, and detention centers. I was a mentee of motion graphics under visual effects artist Richard Koci Hernandez, UC Berkeley's Bloomberg Chair. 

I'm known for having creative ideas and having an innovative eye. When I'm not submerged in the abyss that is Adobe AfterEffects, you will likely find me playing video games or hunting for the next big thing. 


California College Media Awards, Third Place Best Editorial piece (2019)

California College Media Awards, Second Place Best Op-Ed (2018)